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Schneider Altivar 312


Altivar 312


Altivar 312

kW Range: 0.18kW - 15 kW

Voltage Supply: 200-240V Single Phase or Three Phase

380-500V Three Phase

525-600V Three Phase


The Altivar 312 is the lower end range of Shneider Electric's AC Drives and is used for light industrial applications where there is no need for dynamic torque response or tight control. Uses for these drives includes material handling such as conveyors with the ability to use limit switches. Packaging such as pallet wrappers with DC bus access and external contactor control. Textile Machines with 16 pre-set speeds +/- 10V reference and PI control. Pumps and ventilation with automatic restart and hour counter.

Current limitation, catch on the fly and derating is possible as well as configuring inputs for custom applications.

However if there are HVAC pump requirements such as pressure control or pump staggering then the Altivar 61 drive is a better choice.

If there is an application that demands faster response or higher torque response and vector control then the Altivar 71 is the better choice.

Additional Components:

An EMC filter is already built in.

Communications Protocols:

Modbus and CANopen are integrated as standard
Option cards: CANopen Daisy Chain, DeviceNet,
Profibus DP
Gateways for Ethernet/Modbus and Fipio/Modbus

Power Saving:

It is possible to save up to 30% of your electricity by installing an Altivar 312 on conveyors pumps or ventilation fans that are currently running direct on line. This low cost drive presents you with fast pay back periods and remember with more control comes mechanical saving as well.

Contact us if you have more elaborate needs in this regard.


SoMove configuration software that allows you to access your drive parameters via:

PC using a USB/RJ45 cable
Without a PC, via an SD memory card using Multi-Loader

You can also program your drive through SoMove Mobile via Bluetooth using a dongle.