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Schneider Electric Altivar 71

Altivar 71 - High Performance Drive

kW Range: 0.37 kW -630kW

Voltage Supply: 200-240V Single Phase or Three Phase

380-480V Three Phase

500-600V Three Phase

500-690V Three Phase

Protection class: IP20 or IP54


High performance applications (constant torque):
  • Material handling
  • Hoisting
  • Wood machines
  • Process machines
  • Textile machines
  • Packaging

For low performance or more basic functions a Altivar 312 can also be used.

Special Pump or Fan variable torque applications are more suited to the Altivar 61.

Additional Components:

Integrated EMC filters class A or B. Or EMC filter add on.

Extra Configuration Adapters

Encoder Interface cards.

I/O Extender Cards

Multi - Pump and Water Solution Multi - Pump Cards

Braking options, Chokes, Passive Filters and Output Filters.

Also Various Fan and Enclosure Kits.

Communications Protocols:

Modbus and CANopen are integrated as standard
Communication cards forindustry:Ethernet, FIPIO, Modus Plus, DeviceNet, Interbus-S, Unitelway and forbuildingLonWorks, BACnet, METASYS N2 and Apogee FLN.

Power Saving:

Energy saving can be done and is possible with a drive having a power factor of 0.98. Greater savings are possible on pumps and fans with the Altivar 61.

Contact us if you have more elaborate needs in this regard.


SoMove configuration software that allows you to access your drive parameters via:

PC using a USB/RJ45 cable
Without a PC, via an SD memory card using Multi-Loader

You can also program your drive through SoMove Mobile via Bluetooth using a dongle.