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Unico 2400


Altivar 71 - High Performance Drive

kW Range:   230 VAC 11/2-75 hp (1.1-55 kW) 2-100 hp (1.5-75 kW) —
                    380 VAC 11/2-1000 hp (1.1-750 kW) 2-1100 hp (1.5-825 kW) —
                    460 VAC 11/2-1000 hp (1.1-750 kW) 2-1100 hp (1.5-825 kW) 25-1200 hp (18-900 kW)
                    575 VAC 125-1100 hp (90-825 kW) 150-1200 hp (110-900 kW) 200-1300 hp (150-975 kW)

Voltage Supply:               200-240V Single Phase or Three Phase

                                         380-480V Three Phase

                                         500-600V Three Phase

Protection class:                IP20 or IP54


Application software determines the specific features and operation of the 2400. A
wide variety of general-purpose and application-engineered software options enables
each drive to be tailored to specific customer requirements. Software is available
for such applications as test stands, elevators, press feeders, winders, rotary cutoffs,
spindles, flying cutoffs, and wire drawing, to name a few. Further customization is
possible with many programs using UEdit™, a Windows-based programming tool
that allows users to extend an application using ladder diagrams and function blocks.

Additional Components:

Encoder Interface cards.

I/O Extender Cards

DC Bus Charging unit.

Brake Unit and Resistor. 

Capacitor bank to store excess energy. 

Communications Protocols:

Serial Communications: • Two isolated RS-232/422/485 synchronous/
asynchronous serial ports up to 1 Mbaud
Fiber-Optic Communications: • One isolated fiber-optic synchronous/asynchronous
serial port up to 1 Mbaud
• One RS-232/422/485 synchronous/asynchronous
serial port up to 1 Mbaud
Remote I/O Communications: • Dual Remote I/O interface
Modbus Plus Communications: • Modbus Plus interface
ControlNet Communications: • ControlNet interface
Profibus Communications: • Profibus DP interfac

Power Saving:

Multiple inverter units can be operated from a single converter unit. This allows applications
that naturally share regenerative energy, such as an uncoiler and recoiler,
to reuse the energy, rather than dissipate it as heat through resistors. A much smaller
converter is therefore needed than would be required using two integrated drives.
Alternately, an inverter can be used in place of the converter to regenerate power to the
line. In cyclic applications, an optional capacitor bank can be used to store regenerated
energy and to return stored energy to the load.

Contact us if you have more elaborate needs in this regard.


Unico drives offers speed and reliability and high accuracy. If there is an application that is unique and challenging it can be presented to Unico via our agency and they can tailor make a solution for it.