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Adroit Scada


Adroit Scada is developed and maintained in South Africa and porvide solutions for all SCADA requirements.


Key Features:

Adroit supports most devices and can suit their package to new devices where required.

Unlimited Internal tags. Only pay for external (real world) tags.

Hot standby and sever redundancy. Switch over is automatic in case of failure to ensure date is kept.

Vector type graphics.

Adroit VCR plant data recording.

Data logging and Trending.

Alarm and Event Logging.

Recipe Handling

Calculations and Logic Functions.



Multiple states.

Open Automation technology.


Any SCADA is dependant on what the customer expects from a SCADA and solutions are tailor made to suit. The Operator can have a user friendly attractive interface. Maintenance have a fault finding tool and the production team can record data and obtain process related reports.