Edge Guiding

DCB Supplies innovative, engineered solutions to web and strip guiding users. Guiding systems are critical to our clients’ quality, productivity, and profitability. We take pride in helping customers maximize their guiding system investment.

Our Supplied guiding solution creates the kind of sustainable benefits being demonstrated daily on steel finishing lines, printing presses, carpet coating lines, tire producing plants, and countless other applications worldwide.

 We Supply Guiding Solutions for the following:

Metal Industry. 

 • Annealing, Cleaning, Coating, Coil prep, Cut to length, Galvanizing, Inspection, Pickling, Recoiling, Side trimming / slitting, Tandem and reversing mills, Tension levelling,Tinning.

• Heavy duty structures for displacement and steering guides.
• Custom designed mounting frames and stands.
• Hydraulic power units, valve stands, and servo valves.
• High thrust capacity electro-mechanical actuators and drives.
• Wide range of detectors for a variety of environments.
•Line scan and matrix camera
• PLC and network communication solutions 

Carpet and Textiles

Tufting machines, Dye range, Coating lines, Slitting lines

• State-of-the-art Eagle Eye™ sensor allows:
   - guidepoint adjustment to sense tufted edge while ignoring selvage.
   - wide field of view sensor to accommodate width variation.
• Electromechanical actuators to 4,000 lbs
• Automatic motorized detector positioners
• Guide frames built to handle up to 240" wide tufted material, secondary
  backing and carpet

Tire and Rubber

• Calender trains, Fabric treating lines, Stock prep areas, Tire building

• Guide frames: steering and displacement type
• Complete integrated solution for width control on fabric calender train.
• Complete guiding and spreading solution for fabric treating lines.
• Bowed and straight roll spreaders, for all tension requirements.
• Three-finger spreader
• Digital controllers and displays
• Detectors:   - center guide - edge guide - C-shaped, wide field of view and optical detectors
• Motorized detector positioners
• Electromechanical actuators: from 60 – 4,000 lbs available thrust

Converting Industry

• Flexible packaging, Coating lines,Slitters and Sheers, Blown film lines, Laminators, Envelope machines, Printing, Personal products machines, Specialized lines

• Wide range of detectors for all substrates
• Line follower sensor
• Web oscillator
• Controllers with supply voltage of 115/230 VAC or 24 VDC
• Broad offering of guiding devices for any width or tension required
• Electromechanical actuators from 60 - 4,000 lbs.
• Detector positioners
• Pneumo-hydraulic and intrinsically safe systems for hazardous environments
• Trim Blowers

Narrow Web and Packaging

• Label presses, Inspection Machines, Die cutters, Packaging machines, Bottle labeling machines, Specialized equipment, Bag Machines.

• Wide range of detectors for all substrates
• Line follower sensor
• Waterproof components for wet environments
• Controllers with supply voltage of 115/230 VAC or 24 VDC
• Custom guide assemblies designed for webs to 32" and 7.5 PLI
• Integrated guide and splice table design.
• Ultra compact actuator
• Detector positioners